Day 1 of Camp at Wilsons Prom!

Dear parents,

Apologies for the delay on blogging, we’ve had a few digital technical difficulties up here at the Prom. Nevertheless, we are up and running and online now! 😃

We’ve had a terrific 24 hours so far, we arrived safely and we’re incredibly eager to set up our tents, check out our time lapse of the camp set up below.

Once our tents were set up we headed down to Tidal River for a swim and although the tide was out, we made the most of it! The kids enjoyed getting amongst the water and splashing about (including splashing some of the teachers).

Once we made our way back to camp we had a delicious roast dinner and threw on our running shoes to head up Mt. Oberon. Some of the keen joggers raced up Mt. Oberon – many of us were lucky enough to see the incredible sunset at the peak of the mountain.

By the time we trekked back down the mountain night had fallen and it was clear that exhaustion had crept up on us all. By the time we had some supper (a hot milo and biscuit) we were all pretty pleased to crawl into bed.

Day 1 is complete! All in all, an incredibly successful day.

Apologies again for the delay, we will have the Day 2 updates for you by the end of the day today. In the meantime, check out a couple of the awesome pictures we captured.

Over and out,
The Grade 6 Team.




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