Camp Pick Up Point

The buses will be coming through the Rozzy Pde gate and parking on the oval. Please meet your child there and let your child’s classroom teacher know that you have picked them up. Thank you.

Update on the ETA for our campers!

2:30pm – Our campers have just finished up lunch and departed Mirboo Nth. The current ETA is 3:45pm depending on traffic. For those following this blog could you please assist with the passing on of this information, if you know another Grade 6 parent not following this blog, could you please pass it on.

Camp Update Still Coming Soon

Mr Watson is currently having issues with the blogging app, which should be resolved at some stage today.

Mr Watson want me to let everyone know that things are going well overall and the kids have settled in to camp life well. He also wanted to pass on that when he is able to get online, he has some terrific photos and videos, along with a timelapse of the kids setting up camp, to share with you all.

Thank you for your patience.

First 2017 Camp Update Coming Soon!

Campers have arrived safely at The Prom and have settled in well. My guess is they are currently at the summit of Mt Oberon, taking in the last glimpses of what would be a beautiful sunset over the ocean. I am sure Mr Watson will be online later this evening to recap the day’s goings on.

Please check back a little later tonight or in the morning for the first official camp update.